Borrowing Policy

All patrons may apply for a library card at the Circulation Desk. Identification with the applicant’s address (ex. a driver's license or a piece of mail sent to their address, etc.) is required in order to receive a card. You do not need to be a resident of Holbrook to apply for a card. Children ages 15 and under must have a legal guardian, who can provide their signature and proof of residency.

Loan Information

Two-week loan items:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Audio Books
  • CDs
  • Book/CD Kits

One-week loan items:

  • DVDs
  • Computer games (Switch, XBOX ONE, PS4, etc.)


You may renew over the phone, online, or in person. Items that have a hold on them or that have exceeded the renewal limit may not be renewed.

Collection Development Policy
Display of Library Material

Internet Policy

Throughout its history, the Holbrook Public Library has made information available in a variety of formats, from print to audiovisual to digital materials. The Holbrook Public Library provides access to the Internet in support of its role as provider of information and lifelong learning.

The Internet, as an information resource, offers access to a wealth of information, ideas and commentary from around the globe that can be personally, professionally, and culturally enriching.

However, Library patrons must be aware that currently the Internet is an unregulated medium. As such, it enables access to some materials that may be inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, offensive, disturbing and/or illegal. The Holbrook Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and is not responsible for its content. Users are encouraged to exercise critical judgment in evaluating the validity of information accessed via the internet.

Providing Internet access at public terminals puts what is ordinarily a private instrument (the personal computer) into a public setting. When using a Library computer, complete privacy cannot be guaranteed. Users are cautioned that the Library computers on which the public can access the Internet are located in public areas which must be shared by Library users of all ages, backgrounds, and sensibilities. Individuals are asked to consider this and to respect the sensibilities of others when accessing potentially offensive information and images.



Restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian. Children in grades three and under must use the computers with an adult. Parents are encouraged to discuss the use of the Internet with their children in relation to family values and boundaries and to monitor their child’s use of the Internet.

Use of an Internet Access computer is on a first-come, first-served basis. Those using it will be limited to time if other patrons are waiting to use it. Patrons will use their OCLN library card or a guest pass to login to use the computers.

Internet use will be managed in a manner consistent with the Library’s Rules of Conduct which have been adopted and are posted in the Library.

Responsible use of the Internet at the Library includes:

  • Refraining from illegal or unethical use of the Internet;
  • Using the Library’s Internet resources for cultural, educational, recreational, and informational purpose;
  • Respecting intellectual property rights;
  • Respecting the privacy of others by not attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to others;
  • Refraining from damaging or altering the configuration of the equipment used to access the Internet at the Library;
  • Refraining from altering or damaging software or data residing on the hard drive;
  • And refraining from the deliberate propagation of computer worms or viruses.

Please be aware also that the Library’s Internet connection and/or computer terminals may be periodically and temporarily unavailable due to technical difficulties.

The Library staff members will be happy to help you as much as they can, but cannot provide in-depth training concerning the Internet or computer use. They may be able to offer searching suggestions and answer questions. If you have never used computers, or have specific questions about the Internet, circulating books and reference books are available. Staff will attempt to answer those questions as best as they can.

Compliance with Library Policy and Guidelines

In addition to this specific policy, general guidelines for the use of all public access computers govern the use of the Internet in the Library. Violation of the policies and regulations that govern the use of the Library’s Internet resources may result in suspension or loss of the privilege to use these resources. Any illegal activity involving the Library’s Internet resources will be subject to prosecution by the appropriate authorities.

Adopted by the Holbrook Public Library Board of Trustees 06/1997, amended 02/2001, 6/2016

Library Use Policy & Behavior Guidelines
Meeting Room Application Form

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to flooding, our Meeting Room is currently unavailable and we've turned off our application form.  Please email if you have questions about using our space.  We will turn the form back on when our Meeting Room is able to be used again.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for understanding.


Meeting Room Policy

Holbrook Public Library - Meeting Room Policy and Procedure

The Holbrook Library exists for the purpose of providing library services for the residents of Holbrook, Massachusetts. The library has one small meeting room on the basement level which is used primarily for library programs, but may be used for meetings by civic, cultural, charitable, and educational non-profit groups and organizations that have a substantial connection to the Holbrook community and are engaged in activities consistent with the library’s mission. 



The meeting room is subject to the policies and procedures outlined below, and in accordance with the principles set forth in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, which states, “Libraries that make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.” 


Use of the meeting room does not imply endorsement, support, or co-sponsorship of the activities or of the beliefs of the group using the meeting room by the Holbrook Public Library, the Board of Library Trustees, or the Town of Holbrook. Groups or individuals using the meeting room may not imply that the meeting is sponsored, co-sponsored, or endorsed by the library or the Town in any advertising or publicity.


The Library Director reserves the right to refuse the use of the library meeting room or cancel any meeting room reservation when the Director deems it to be in the best interest of the Holbrook Public Library.

When the meeting room is not being used for library programs, the Board of Library Trustees welcomes non-profit groups whose primary clientele are Holbrook residents to use the room for meetings. Such use of the room must be free and open to the public, unless it is a fundraiser specifically for the library. The meeting room is not available to businesses, private organizations, or for private social functions. The meeting room will be scheduled according to the following priorities:


  1. Library related programs or meetings
  2. Friends of the Holbrook Library and Holbrook Library Fund meetings and activities
  3. Municipal meetings or programs
  4. Other local non-profit groups may use a room once a month for meetings (but not programs) as scheduling permits. Occasionally, a group may use the room more often if such use does not inhibit other groups from using the space.


-All requests to use the meeting room must be made in advance by a Holbrook resident who takes responsibility for the group's compliance with the library’s meeting room policy and procedures.

-Reservations may be requested by not-for-profit organizations and agencies no more than 3 months and no less than 3 weekdays in advance of the meeting. The applicant will receive a confirmation when the request is approved. The meeting room is not officially reserved until confirmed. Reservations are considered in the order they are received.

-The Library Director shall have the right to cancel, reschedule, or transfer meeting room locations or dates that conflict with library sponsored programs and/or special events. In such cases, the library will make its best effort to give advance notice.

-The group is expected to adhere to the stated purpose of the meeting.

-Meetings must be free and open to the public. No admission fees can be charged. No collections or donations can be solicited. No items can be sold.

-The meeting room is not to be used for social, partisan religious, partisan political purposes, or for the benefit of commercial enterprises or individual use; you may not solicit for a particular business or cause, or gather personal information from attendees.  No fundraising is allowed, unless it is for the library.

-Meetings may not disrupt the use of the library by others. Persons attending the meeting are subject to all library rules and regulations.

-Groups using the meeting room will be held responsible for any costs incurred by the Library or the Town as a result of that use. The Library Director reserves the right to determine whether any proposed use of the meeting room will require a police detail or other extraordinary police protection, and if so, the anticipated cost thereof which shall be the responsibility of the group. Payment shall be made to the Library prior to the event.

-The meeting room can only be scheduled by outside groups during open library hours and must end at least 15 minutes before closing time.

-No custodial services are provided in connection with use of the meeting room. Storage facilities are not provided. The condition of the room must be neat when vacated.  All furniture must be set up by the group and must be back in original positions after use of the meeting room. All supplies brought in such as food, napkins, towels, etc must be taken home, including leftovers. Trash is to be taken with you. The library will not supply any equipment associated with the serving of refreshments. There will be no cooking or food preparation on site. Dishwashing facilities are not available.

-Fire laws limit maximum capacity to 100 people without furniture, but please set up a meeting to view the room beforehand so you can see the layout.

-No alcoholic beverages are allowed anywhere in the library unless a temporary liquor license is approved by the Town for a special event.  Such an event will need permission from the Library Director.

-All activities must be confined to the meeting room. Approaching library users for the purpose of encouraging participation in the group's activities is prohibited.

-Groups that wish to use the library’s technology for their meeting are strongly encouraged to test their equipment for compatibility ahead of time.  Library staff may not be available for help immediately before a meeting is scheduled to begin.

-Permission to meet at the library does not in any way constitute or imply endorsement of the users’ policies, beliefs, or programs by the library staff or Board of Library Trustees.

-Groups using the meeting room agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Holbrook, the Board of Library Trustees, the Holbrook Public Library, and their employees, officers, agents and representatives, from any and all suits, actions, claims, or demands of any nature arising out of or brought on account of any injuries or damages sustained by any person as a consequence or result of the use of the room, its furnishings, or its equipment.

Any exceptions must be approved by the Library Director before a reservation is made. Failure to follow the meeting room policy and procedures may result in the cancellation of your reservation and/or loss of future use of the meeting room. Questions of interpretation will be referred to the Library Director. Final determination rests with the Board of Library Trustees.


Approved March 7, 2023 by the Holbrook Board of Library Trustees

Program Development Policy
Program or Presenter Application Form

If you are interested in offering a program at the Holbrook Public Library, please complete the following form. PLEASE NOTE, FILLING OUT THIS FORM IN NO WAY CONFIRMS OR GUARANTEES THE LIBRARY WILL BE ABLE TO OFFER YOUR SUGGESTED PROGRAM. A member of the programming team will get back to you once we have reviewed your information.

Click Here for our Program and Presenter Application


Program Request for Reconsideration Form
Request for Reconsideration Form
Social Networking Policy


Social Networking Policy for the Holbrook Public Library

The Holbrook Public Library reserves the right to sponsor social networking sites, staff blogs, wikis, photo sharing, video sharing, tagged websites, and any other sites using the Holbrook Public Library name to further its mission to serving the changing needs of our community by providing access to free sources of knowledge, information, and entertainment both within and beyond our walls.  Much of the content will relate to libraries, authors, books and the book-publishing industry, and to programs, events, photos and/or images, or special topics the Library is discussing or promoting.  The Holbrook Public Library’s sponsored sites are also a place for the public to share opinions about Library-related subjects and issues.  Comments are welcome and will be reviewed prior to publishing, when possible.

Social networking is defined as any website or application that allows users to share information online.  Social networking tools can include, but are not limited to blogs, instant messaging, social networking sites, text messaging, and wikis.

Social Networking Acceptable Use

The goals of the Holbrook Public Library sponsored social networking sites are:

  1. To increase the public’s knowledge of Library events and use of Library services
  2. To promote the value and importance of the Library’s services among the general public, governing officials, and civic leaders
  3. To maintain open, professional, and responsive communications with members of the public and the news media

Publicly posted information will be professional and reflect positively on the Holbrook Public Library and its staff, volunteers, and services.  Staff shall check facts, cite sources, present balanced views, acknowledge and correct errors, and check spelling and grammar before publishing any posts.  The Holbrook Public Library reserves the right not to publish any posting, to edit a posting,  or to later on remove or hide a posting.  The Holbrook Public Library will only post information about events and services related to the Library.  Exceptions may be made by the Library Director in extreme circumstances. 

The Library does not collect, maintain, or otherwise use the personal information stored on any third party site in any way other than to communicate with users on that site, unless granted permission by users for Library contact outside the site.  The purpose for contact outside the site may include program promotion, volunteer opportunities, reference help, or other similar activities.  Users may remove themselves at any time from the Library’s “friends” or “followers” lists, or request that the Library remove them.  Users should be aware that third party websites have their own privacy policies and should proceed accordingly.

The role and utility of the various social networking sites will be evaluated periodically by Library staff and may be terminated at any time without notice to subscribers.

Staff should take great care to avoid more personal interactions with patrons via social media.  
A professional manner should always be used, and unless the patron is known personally to the staff member outside of work, individual connections through personal accounts should be avoided in most cases.  This is of greater importance when dealing with patrons who are minors.  Such connections should never be used for personal benefit or commercial profit.

The Library’s accounts may follow or join groups associated with: other public and academic libraries, special libraries such as the Library of Congress, librarians, publishers, bookstores, authors, neutral news sources such as CNN and The New York Times, official Town of Holbrook sites and other government entities, official Massachusetts sites and other government entities, and local groups or pages that are neutral and of community importance.  Guidelines for whom to follow will align with the philosophies found in the Library’s collection development policy.  The accounts will be monitored on a regular basis during normal hours of Library operation.  If someone posts a message that is in violation of the Library’s social networking policy, then Library staff will delete the comment.

Comments from the Public

Comments, posts, and messages are welcome on the Holbrook Public Library social networking sites.  While the Library recognizes and respects differences of opinion, all such interactions will be regularly monitored and reviewed for content and relevancy.

Where moderation of comments is an available option, comments from the public will be moderated before posting by the Holbrook Public Library designated staff editors.  Library staff reserves the right to review all comments and postings and delete comments that are inconsistent with the content created by the Library staff.  Library staff may block the person who posted inconsistent comments or postings from posting any further information to the Library’s social networking sites.

Comments or postings that fall into one of the following categories will be deleted by Library staff:

  1. Obscene, sexist, or racist content
  2. Harassing Library staff or other social media users.  Harassing comments or postings including profane or obscene statements or images, threatening physical harm toward another person, and engaging in behavior with the sole intent of annoying another person
  3. Libelous and slanderous statements
  4. Plagiarizing or posting copyrighted material without permission or authority
  5. Private, personal information of another person without appropriate consent or authority
  6. Comments, postings, and/or hyperlinks not related to the content created by the Library staff
  7. Advertisement and solicitation that are not related to the content created by the Library staff
  8. Commercial purposes
  9. Partisan political activity
  10. Photos, other images, or videos that fall into any of the above categories

All such comments or posts will be removed as they are found.

The Holbrook Public Library is not obligated to take any such actions and will not be responsible or liable for content posted by any subscriber in any forum, message board, or other area within the service.

By posting a comment, individuals agree to indemnify the Holbrook Public Library, the Board of Library Trustees, the Town of Holbrook, library staff, and any library volunteers from and against all liabilities, judgments, damages, and costs (including attorney’s fees) incurred by any of them which arise out of or are related to the content posted by patrons.

If an individual does not agree to these terms, the individual should not use the Holbrook Public Library sponsored sites as a violation of these terms.

Social Networking Violations

The Library’s pages and profiles will be monitored on a regular basis during normal hours of Library operation, via review of the site and/or through email notifications.  If a follower posts content that is deemed in violation of the Library’s social media policy, the Library will delete the content in violation.  The follower whose comment(s) are removed will be sent a private alert message informing them that their comment(s) were removed due to violations with the Library social networking policy.

The message will restate the policy and direct them to contact the Library Director for further information/clarification.  The message will also explain the consequences of the “three strike policy” for repeat violations.  A follower whose comments are removed for a second violation of the Library Social Networking Policy will receive a second, similar private alert message, and be notified that upon receiving a third violation of policy, they will be removed as a follower/fan/friend of the Library account.  Upon a third violation and removal of comment(s) the follower will receive a message informing them that they are being removed as a follower/fan/friend and they will be directed to the Library Director for further information/clarification.

Questions of interpretation will be referred to the Library Director.  Final determination rests with the Board of Library Trustees.

Approved April 6th, 2023 by the Holbrook Board of Library Trustees

Technology Services Policy