Holbrook History

The Holbrook Public Library was created by an endowment from Elisha Niles Holbrook at the incorporation of the town in 1872. The original library was located in the town hall, where Zenas Aaron French served as the first librarian from the opening of the library in 1874 until 1920.

The present library was built on property donated to the town by Linda M. French in memory of her father, Zenas. The new building was opened in 1967. The children of the town helped to move the collection by forming a human chain across Holbrook Square and passed the books to their new location.

Mission Statement:

The Holbrook Public Library is committed to serving the changing needs of our community by providing access to free sources of knowledge, information, and entertainment both within and beyond our walls.

Vision Statement:

The library strives to be seen as the heart of the community, because a good community shows it's heart through a good library. The library will help build a stronger community, helping lead and support the community in growth, services, and advanced planning, as well as advocating for both community and library needs. Good Libraries = Strong Communities.