Holbrook Public Library is committed to serving all families in Holbrook, including families educating their children at home.

For many, the library is an essential part of the home school classroom, with the entire collection of books, CDs, DVDs, online databases, and website resources available to supplement your home school education.

The Youth Service Librarian and staff at Holbrook Public Library are happy to answer your questions about the library's collections and to find materials just right for your needs.

Connect with your home school community!


New England Happy Homeschoolers

South Shore Homeschoolers

Parents of Homschooled Teens

Attleboro Area Homeschoolers

Massachusetts Homeschool Connection

outside the box homeschoolers

outside the box teens


Yahoo Groups

SSHL Support







These are excellent resources for getting started with home education.

AHEM - http://www.ahem.info/

MHLA  - http://www.mhla.org/

HSLDA - http://www.hslda.org/


You don't have to do it alone, these alternative education centers offer drop off programming!

Bay State Learning - http://www.baystatelearning.org/

Ivy House - connect with Ivy House on Facebook

Athenaeum Learning Center (forest school) http://www.athenaeumlearning.org/

Macomber - http://macombercenter.org/


Good Company Tutorials - (drop off classes for 5th-12th grade) http://www.goodcompanytutorials.org/


Many museums and local centers offer home education programs. Typically these programs are coordinated by a homeschooling parent and posted on social media. If you are unable to connect with a local parent, try contacting the museum directly.

New England Aquarium - http://www.neaq.org/education_and_activities/programs_and_classes/family_programs/family_explorers/home_school_programs.php

Zoo Schools - http://www.zoonewengland.org/discover/school-programs-camps/homeschool-classes

Museum of Fine Arts - http://www.mfa.org/programs/community-programs/home-school-programs

MIT Edgarton Center - https://edgerton.mit.edu/outreach

South Shore YMCA - http://ssymca.org/



Home Schooling Special Needs in MA

This is a support group for parents homeschooling their children with special needs. We are an inclusive group, supporting one another in decisions regarding traditional and alternative homeschooling and other therapies helpful to our children. Our children are as unique as the ways we homeschool them! Please write a brief introduction upon joining our group!



MA Gifted Homeschoolers

MA Gifted Homeschoolers is an on-line community for Massachusetts families who are homeschooling their gifted children. The focus of this group is how to meet the needs of these advanced learners in a homeschool setting. The goal is to share insights, resources, and general support in a respectful and supportive setting.



Uniquely Gifted

The Uniquely Gifted website, http://www.uniquelygifted.org is a collection of resources for families with gifted/special needs children and those who work with them. Topics include specific special needs, homeschooling, advocacy, bullying, and articles about the special needs of twice-exceptional children.